Star Wars LCG: The Search for Skywalker Force Pack

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Light and Dark side forces prepare for all-out war in The Search for Skywalker, the second Force Pack from The Hoth Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game! Rebels and their allies look to reinforce their position at Echo Base as the Imperial Navy deploys its fleet and sets course for the ice planet of Hoth. Two copies each of five new, complete objective sets add new characters, Star Destroyers, and Rebel defenses to carry players deeper into the Battle of Hoth!
•The second Force Pack in The Hoth Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game
•Sixty new cards introduce new characters, vehicles, and events inspired by the early scenes from The Empire Strikes Back
•Ten objective sets (two copies each of five individual objective sets) permit more varied deck designs
•The Battle of Hoth intensifies with new Hoth objectives
•2 Players | Ages 10+ | 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

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