Star Wars Legion: Separatist Specialists

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The Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion gives players’ units even more tactical flexibility with new options to fill their personnel slots and lets them explore new strategies with new faction-specific command cards. In addition to a T-Series Tactical Droid who can lead individual units or whole armies, players also find a PK-series Worker Droid that can repair vehicles, a EV-series Medical Droid that can treat organic units’ wounds, and even a dangerous Viper Recon Droid that can observe enemy units.
•Adds four beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic Republic Specialist miniatures to players' collection.
•Unlocks even more unit customization options with new miniatures that can take up units' personnel slot.
•Explore new strategies with three new, Separatist Alliance-specific command cards.
•Nine upgrade cards give players even more power to customazie their units with additional personnel.

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