Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Power Nap Lapel Pin


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There's almost nothing that The Child can do that won't be considered absolutely adorable. Being the cutest thing in the galaxy can be tiring. Sometimes, you need a power nap and when Baby Yoda needs a power nap, the world falls in love with him all over again. That's why this collectible pin is the perfect addition to any Star Wars ensemble! Fans of the Mandalorian series will enjoy seeing Baby Yoda napping the day away everywhere they go! Grab your pin today and one for the Baby Yoda fan in your life.
•BRING HOME BABY YODA: Straight from The Mandalorian series, this small green character known as 'The Child' has a striking resemblance to Jedi Master Yoda of the Skywalker saga. Adorable and cute, fans are eager to know everything about this lovable character!
•IT'S TIME FOR A POWER NAP: Being someone who can manipulate the Force is exhausting. This pin depicts an adorable Baby Yoda taking a much deserved power nap before his next big adventure with Mando.
•QUALITY ENAMEL STAR WARS PIN: Made from a strong metallic material, this durable pin is finished with enamel to preserve the graphic details! At 1.3 inches tall, this pin is the ideal size for sporting on your backpack, jacket, or anywhere else!
•BABY YODA MEETS MEME CULTURE: Styled as a meme, fans of the series can collect this brilliant tribute to The Child in a fun and modern style. Depicting a scene from this series, this Baby Yoda collectible is ideal for any Star Wars fan.
•OFFICIAL STAR WARS COLLECTIBLE: This pin featuring The Child from Disney+, The Mandalorian, is designed as an officially licensed addition to the collectible Star Wars galaxy. Perfect for a gift to others and yourself, this Baby Yoda pin is a must-have!

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