Steam Park Board Game


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Build your own theme park! Be the owner of a fantastic Steam Park. You'll be assigned a vast area where you'll build GIGANTIC RIDES to attract as many visitors as you can!
•STEAM PARK is an easy-to-learn game, with TWO DIFFICULTY LEVELS: an easier level for less experienced gamers, and a more strategic level for those who want a more exciting challenge.
•In this dice and management game, you'll have to build your own amusement park and make it the largest and most profitable at the annual fair.
•As you construct the THREE-DIMENSIONAL RIDES, you will see your Steam Park grow right before your eyes.
•Build stands to attract more visitors, or toilets to keep the dirt under control. Whichever approach you take, do it quickly: thanks to the ACTION-CHOOSING MECHANISM you will need to be both the best, and also the FASTEST, if you want to win at Steam Park!
•2-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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