Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge


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Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge is a cooperative adventure board game. You and up to five friends must explore a tile-based volcano temple to steal a legendary artifact. To get it, you must find the path to the inner sanctum, unlock the secrets within, then escape the way you came. This is a dangerous place. You'll need to work as a team to avoid deadly traps, brave scalding lava and defeat the temple's mysterious guardians. Stick together to share your skills, or split up to cover more ground. But beware - the volcano stirs beneath you, and you're running out of time...
•Sub Terra II is the standalone sequel to global hit cooperative survival horror game, Sub Terra.
•In Sub Terra II, players are thrust into the age of archaeological exploration, venturing deep into sweltering volcanic caverns to retrieve a mysterious artifact.
•Everyone in the expeditionary group has their own motivation for joining this adventure, but one thing is clear: they must find the way to the artifact, and extract it before the volcano swallows it into its fiery heart.
•The players must find their way through the volcanic caverns, locate the keys to the artifact’s resting place, and escape the rushing lava flowing out of the mountain. They must navigate through a variety of hazards, avoid the burning heat of the mountain, and evade the clutches of the guardians of the artifact.
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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