Super Fantasy Brawl: Mental Might


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Sometimes it’s not brute strength that will win a fight, it is the power of the mind. And these Mental Might Champions are here to cover this need exactly!
•This expansion comes with cards in both English and French.
•Izabella, the Fateweaver, joins the fight promising that the wheels of fate will change, just the same way as the wheels of her wheelchair spin. Whether it is positioning or power that you need, she will grant it to you.
•Al’Kemi, The Wishmaker, a one-of-a-kind Djinn Champion, is a master of turningan enemy strength into a deadly weakness. Your wish is his command!
•Xinshén, The Kinetic Kitty, a psychic monk, needs no other weapons than her discipline and her fists. Either with her Panther reflexes or with the power of her mind, she can control Space and Time!
•This box is an expansion, you need the core Super Fantasy Brawl game to use it.

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