Sushi Boat Card Game | A Fast, Fun Party Game That Will Make You Hungry

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Welcome to Sushi Boat! We are proud to offer you the finest delicacies, hand-crafted by our master sushi chef. Are you new to conveyor belt sushi? You’ll love it! Our chef creates masterpieces and places them on the belt, which brings the sushi right to you. Just grab whatever looks good as it passes you by and enjoy! Our staff is also on hand to help you if you need it. So take a seat—it’s all you can eat!
•Strong Table Presence - Gorgeous and eye-catching art, and high-quality components featuring a dynamic, wooden game board that changes as sushi is eaten and added, with deli- cious-looking sushi molded disheson the plates and yummy side dishes.
•A family friendly set collection game - It’s a light family-friendly game in both theme and mechanics. And in doing so, captures the fun of board gaming
•Easy to Teach & Learn - Sushi Boat is easy (and fun!) to learn, even for younger gamers, but can prove challenging enough to keep gamers of all ages coming back for another serving.
•Replayability - An innovative, tasty and fun game with tons of replayability and an optional rule, Menu Pairings to get things HOT!
•2-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

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