Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls Board Game

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Sword & Sorcery is the ultimate heroic fantasy board game experience, with an advanced AI system for monsters, a high degree of character customization, and rich tactical options during battle. At the same time, gameplay is fast and dynamic, thanks to an innovative area movement and area control system, and to renew features never seen together in a game of this category.
•In Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls, up to five players control one or more of these legendary characters brought back to life by powerful sorcery, to fight against the forces of evil, controlled by the game itself.
•Heroes grow stronger during their story-driven quests. Along the battles, they acquire soul points that regenerate their souls, restoring their legendary status with multiple powers, magic and soul weapons, and powerful artifacts. An innovative A.I. system allows the control and management of enemies by the players, giving them intelligent behavior and creating interesting battles every time, with no Game Master required.
•There is no player elimination - when a hero dies, he becomes a ghost soul, an ethereal form able to use its unique ghost shout against enemies, and then he can resurrect spending Soul points at the Gods altar.
•The game features ultra detailed 32mm scale figures and modular boards, several decks of cards, Solo Play, high character customization, sophisticated combat and magic system, and quests designed to be completed in about 90 minutes or less.
•1-5 Players | Ages 13+ | 60+ Minutes Playing Time

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