Talisman: Legendary Tales

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In Talisman: Legendary Tales Players must prevent evil forces from obtaining a magical artifact of immense power - the Crown of Command. The Crown is hidden behind the Portal of Power. Only a legendary Talisman allows its bearer to pass the Portal. Over the years five of the Talismans disappeared. Forces of evil now seek to find them to take possession of the Crown of Command. Brave heroes have to find the Talismans to prevent evil from ruling the world. For this dwarves, elves, trolls, warriors, prophets and wizards must work together by using their unique abilities. Legendary Tales features a bag-building mechanism to represent the heroes' development and offers five connected and replayable adventures.
•Officially Licensed
•Pegasus Spiele
•1-6 Players
•Ages 14+
•20-40 Minutes Playing Time

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