Tavern Tales: Legends of Dungeon Drop

Phase Shift GamesSKU: PSG201

Sale price$19.99


Following your perilous drop into the dungeon, you are called home to the Traveler's Tavern for some warm Gingerbrew and an evening of heroic tales shared with the local rabble. Complete your Dungeon Drop story with Tavern Tales, as you and your companions compare mighty deeds in a strategic game of boasting and one-upmanship! In this raucous card game of set collection and subtle bluffing, 2 to 5 heroes scheme their way to becoming the most renowned hero of epic legends!
•Complete your Dungeon Drop story
•Standalone game that picks up where Dungeon Drop leaves off
•Features familiar heroes, monsters, treasure, and locations
•Set collection meets subtle bluffing and push your luck
•NOTE: This is a standalone game and does NOT require Dungeon Drop to play!

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