Telestrations: 80's & 90's Expansion Pack

USAOPOLYSKU: PG000-724-002100-24

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Be kind and rewind to the 80s and 90s with this radical expansion pack for the award-winning game Telestrations, featuring decades-inspired words and phrases that will have you sketching out the tunes, fads, and fashion from the end of the 20th century. Double-sided cards let you easily flip between the two eras and add “da bomb” new sayings to your existing Telestrations game!
•LIKE, TOTALLY AWESOME! The hit party game Telestrations now has even more hilarious words, phrases, and references to draw with the Telestrations 80's & 90's Expansion pack so now you can celebrate all the big hair and power suits that you know and love
•TUBULAR TO THE MAX! Featuring 50 double-sided cards with 600 new words, phrases, and references to draw - one card side features words from the 80's and the flip side features words from the 90's so you can play whichever decade you decide
•IT'S RAD TO PLAY ANYWHERE! Add this expansion to your already-existing copy of Telestrations for a fun twist or play it by itself
•WHO'S DOWN FOR GAME NIGHT? Just like Telestrations, this expansion is great for all ages - but unless you've lived the most rad decades around, you're trippin' to think you'll understand the references
•BE KIND, PLEASE REWIND! Draw what you see and guess what you saw to get hilarious and unpredictable outcomes - no drawing skills needed

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