Test of Faith: The Arab-Israeli War of 1973

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On October 6, 1973, the Arab forces of Syria and Egypt attacked Israel. The attack took place on the most holy of days for Jews in an attempt to catch the Israelis as unprepared as possible. At first, it was a massive success. Syrian forces marched through the weak and scattered forces in the Golan Heights while Egyptian forces easily crossed the great Suez Canal and set up a strong defensive line along the east bank of the Canal and, under their strong umbrella of Surface-to-Air missile support, awaited the inevitable Israeli counterattack. And counterattack the Israelis did – only to be shocked at the effectiveness of new Soviet weapons and surprising Arab resolve. Who won this battle has been a contentious discussion for almost 40 years? See how you might have done if given command.
•A Test of Faith is a new game in the Operational Scale Series using the new added rules from the Doomsday Project to show this war in a way that has not been seen before.
•Highly playable but with an emphasis on command and equipment, OSS uses an impulse system to create a test and challenging game to play, but also with new research, plenty of historical narrative.
•This is the fourth game in the Operational Scale Series. This game has the new rules additions found in the previous "The Doomsday Project: The Battle for Germany" as it has daily turns.
•This game also offers the most comprehensive Order of Battle work yet seen on this battle in any game.
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 2-45 Hours Playing Time

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