The Court of Miracles

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In The Court of Miracles, players will lead a guild of beggars, scheme with sinister plots, and use trickery to build their renown all in an attempt to take over 16th century Paris.
•JOIN THE BEGGAR'S GUILD: Immerse yourself in the secretive world of The Court of Miracles, a captivating board game where you'll navigate the seedy courtyards of Paris as part of the Beggars' Guild. Ascend to greatness and become the PENNILESS KING!
•CONCEALED IDENTITIES: Strategically place Rogues (workers) on the board, concealing their identities within tactile wooden discs. Recruit new Rogues from the cotton bag, each with unique abilities, including Pickpockets and Defrocked Priests, to strengthen your ranks and outwit your foes.
•EXCITING STANDOFFS: As neighborhoods fill up or when the Penniless King reaches a Wrath space, intense Standoffs occur. Reveal the strength of your Rogues to win Standoffs, but beware of opponents' secreted Rogues sowing disruption.
•PLOT YOUR ASCENT: Utilize Plot Cards to enhance your strategy, strengthening your ranks or stealing coins from opponents. Plan your moves wisely to gain Renown and achieve your rise from rags to riches.
•UNLEASH YOUR SCHEMING: Enjoy an engaging blend of worker placement, area control, and strategic scheming as you maneuver your way to greatness in the beggar's underworld of The Court of Miracles.

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