The Devil’s Dandy Dogs

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You are one of the Devil's Dandy Dogs, a creature made of the Devil's shadow, and as such you are tasked with one thing: collecting souls. You’ll face myriad people, places, creatures, experiences, and conundrums—not to mention temptations. And when you’re done, the Devil will want a rousing story of your exploits. Collaborate with the rest of your pack and the Diviner to create the conflict, characters, and resolutions to your tale. Special dice and a tarot-style deck generate interesting twists and turns. This no-prep, rules-light narrative roleplaying game is filled with mystery, magic, and the unforeseen. And a pack of supernatural dogs trying their best to be oh-so-good.
•A roleplaying game about magic, mystery, teamwork, and the desires that drive us.
•The Devil's Dandy Dogs is an astonishingly beautiful production, filled with components that make every aspect of play a delight.
•The compact box includes: The Devil's Dandy Dogs rulebook, reference book, The Soul's Arrow cloth playmat, 11 character sheets, and 4 custom dice
•Also included are over 100 cards, including Temptation, Trick, Pact of the Pack, Devil's Door, and Fate's Folly cards, plus the stunning 36-card Diviner's Deck
•Made in China

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