The Night Cage

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The Night Cage is a co-operative, tile placement game that pits players against a maze-like prison where the only bars are eternal darkness. Due to the limited light of their candles, players can only see the tiles immediately adjacent to them. As players move, the tiles they leave behind disappear into the darkness. In this way, the maze is continually made and unmade by the players. To win, players must rely on teamwork and collective strategy to collect 4 keys, find an exit gate, and escape the labyrinth together.
•Immersive - Unique gameplay tied tightly to narrative immerses the player in the tension and atmosphere at the heart of the game.
•Fast - 2 minutes to set up. 40-60 minutes to play.
•Accessible - Easy to learn for newcomers and experienced gamers.
•Social - The game’s cooperative nature encourages players to communicate and strategize as they play.
•1-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 50 Minutes Playing Time

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