The Quintessential Psion: Collector Series Book Thirteen

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The first two chapters, Psion Character Concepts and the Prestige Psion will allow players to tweak their psychic characters to fit desired archetypes within the game. Tricks of the Trade will serve to prove that there is far more to the Psion than thought alone and those who are prone to experimentation will find a great deal to expand their character's abilities here. Psilchemy combines psychic talent with alchemy to allow the brewing of some very heady concoctions, such as distilled psionic essences, poisons and transfer solutions. Tools of the Trade takes a look at various options open to Psions, such as psibonded weaponry (extremely expensive but superb at channelling mental energies) and psychic masks. Altered States allows the Psion to change his actual mind and thought-processes, allowing him to enter waking dreams, exteroceptive trances, demiurgonic mentation and many other effects The Quintessential Psion wraps up with Crystal Palaces, the places of power for any accomplished Psion. Full rules are given for locating required materials, clearing areas and then constructing a crystal palace. Many 'fixtures and fittings' can be included in the construction, command circles, construct control chambers, death rain vaults, healing chambers, mindwar stations and many more are all available. On top of this, there are some unique staff members a Psion may like to consider employing, the better to run his palace without mundane interference.The book wraps up with a full index, rules summary and characters sheet, so everything can be placed at the player's fingertips.
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•128 Pages

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