Thunderbolt-Apache Leader

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In TAL, you'll fly through canyons hunting enemy tanks and troops while dodging their AAA fire and SAMs. Stuffing all this heavy metal in one box has allowed us to expand the normal Leader component set! This game comes with 168 cards and 5 counter sheets! TAL puts you down in the weeds in 8 campaigns spanning the globe. The game system creates immense replayability by pairing a Tactical Situation card with the Campaign card to create a unique environment for the campaign. This means that your campaign in North Korea might be part of a Holding Action, Show of Force, Rapid Deployment, or General War. The game places you in command of the pilots and aircraft of a squadron of U.S. Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft in hostile campaigns around the world. The aircraft and weapons available for each campaign are historically accurate.
•Thunderbolt-Apache Leader is a Solitaire Game.
•You command Close AIr Support aircraft and make historically accurate decisions while the built-in game system generates the missions and controls the opposing forces.
•This means you can play the game at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you choose
•1 Players | 30 Minutes per Mission

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