Too Many Bones: Rage of Tyranny Expansion

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The Tyrants of Dealore have returned with a vengeance! Rage of Tyranny includes alternate mechanics and components for every Tyrant in Too Many Bones and Undertow, as well as additional starting Day cards for each.
•EXPAND YOUR PLAY: Elevate your Too Many Bones experience with the Rage of Tyranny expansion. Offering a fresh and challenging alternative adventure to battling every Tyrant in Too Many Bones and Too Many Bones: Undertow.
•NEW CHARACTERS: Encounter a wave of new challenges as the Tyrants of Daelore return in this new quest. This expansion introduces a host of new characters and elements, offering players an exciting twist on familiar adversaries and enhancing the depth of your TMB character roster.
•NEW ENCOUNTERS: Featuring a fresh array of chips, dice, shadow cards, and final battles, this expansion promises new and thrilling encounters, providing an immersive and engaging experience for both seasoned and new TMB players alike.
•TOO MANY BONES: Too Many Bones, is the acclaimed dice-builder RPG for 1‑4 players that pits the resourceful Gearlocs of Daelore against a variety of ferocious tyrants. With a myriad of characters, deep strategic gameplay and premium components, Too Many Bones has quickly become one of the highest rated games on Board Game Geek.
•CHIP THEORY GAMES: Makers of award-winning games like Hoplomachus, Too Many Bones, and Cloudspire, Chip Theory Games prides itself on developing interesting and engaging games with memorable characters for hours of strategic game play, whether you’re playing solo or with a group.

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