Too Many Bones: Static Expansion

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This ebullient, muscle-bound Gearloc might not attack on every turn, but when he does, look out! The first playable martial artist in Too Many Bones, Static can meditate on turns when he doesn't deal damage, allowing him to save up Dex and unleash blistering attacks when the time is right. Even when not dealing damage, he's a formidable foe, with fighting styles that manipulate his stats, break past enemy defense, and direct baddies to hurt each other.
•EXPAND YOUR PLAY: Elevate your Too Many Bones gameplay with Static, the Brawler, a martial arts master who adds a new layer of strategy to your encounters. Static times his attacks, meditating on turns without dealing damage to unleash powerful and blistering attacks when it matters most.
•NEW CHARACTER: Introducing Static, the ebullient and muscle-bound Gearloc, as the first playable martial artist. This formidable Brawler has a unique playstyle and meditates to accumulate Dex for devastating attacks.
•NEW ENCOUNTERS: Discover the art of martial mastery as Static not only delivers blistering attacks but also manipulates stats, breaks past enemy defense, and directs baddies to harm each other. Static introduces a formidable and unique playstyle.
•TOO MANY BONES: Too Many Bones, is the acclaimed dice-builder RPG for 1‑4 players that pits the resourceful Gearlocs of Daelore against a variety of ferocious tyrants. With a myriad of characters, deep strategic gameplay and premium components, Too Many Bones has quickly become one of the highest rated games on Board Game Geek.
•CHIP THEORY GAMES: Makers of award-winning games like Hoplomachus, Too Many Bones, and Cloudspire, Chip Theory Games prides itself on developing interesting and engaging games with memorable characters for hours of strategic game play, whether you’re playing solo or with a group.

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