Trailer Park Wars: Pink Yard Flamingos (100)

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Pink, one legged? what could it be..a Flamingo? Nope, a Plastic pink flamingo. Now you can be the proud owner of 100 pink flamingos, admittedly these are slightly smaller than the average yard sized one, but they sure are awesome for keeping score in Trailer Park Wars. Also, great for crafts, cake decorations, or whatever.
•100 Yard Flamingo Miniatures provide extra points for the Gut Bustin' Game: Trailer Park Wars!
•Other uses? Decorate a miniature yard, a cake, your cow-orkers desk, your mom's window sill, a car.
•Make jewelry, hair adornment, use them as counters, DON'T EAT THEM, cheer up your cubicle, make someone smile!
•Also available in other amazing colors!

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