Traveller RPG: Mysteries of the Ancients

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A request for help from an old contact leads the Travellers into the mysterious and sometimes downright bizarre world of the Ancients Hunters. Among the weird and often deluded notables of the Hunter community there are those who seem to know something concrete. Those individuals are convinced that something is coming.
•Something is coming.
•Mysteries of the Ancients takes the Travellers from the whacky Museum of the Ancients to the doomed planet of Calefaction, and finally to a showdown with agents of the Ancients themselves.
•Their guide is a horribly-written book, long thought to be fiction, which tells of an ambushed convoy and the survivors’ fight for survival in a wondrous technological palace.
•There, under the mountain known as Twilight’s Peak, the Travellers find their proof.
•Mysteries of the Ancients leads into the Secrets of the Ancients campaign in an epic story that concludes with Wrath of the Ancients.

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