Tribes of the Wind Family Card Game

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After centuries of exploiting nature, mankind caused a new type of pollution to spread on the whole planet, destroying all forms of life on its path. Scattered groups of people managed to survive in small forests that somehow remained unscathed, hiding in high cities built in the tree’s canopy. They are called the Tribes of the Wind, for they fly from one place to another, avoiding any contact with pollution. In this game, you’ll play as a Guide who uses elemental magic to fight against pollution. Have forests grow, build new cities in the canopy, and secure the future of mankind.
•PLAY OFF OF EVERYONE'S CARDS: Activate card effects depending on what colors other players do or don't have in their hands, made visible with the included card holders.
•ASYMETRIC PLAYER POWERS: Board effects and character cards are different for each player, adding unique strategy and interesting combinations each time you play.
•POST-APOCALYPTIC SETTING: Immerse yourself in the theme as you clear smog clouds from your board and move your Wind Riders across the tree tops.
•GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATIONS: Vincent Dutrait brings his striking style to the over one hundred cards, creating a rich setting of characters with unique details on each card.
•HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: Custom wooden markers with incredible detail and bright colors heighten the gaming experience, bringing the theme to life with 3D elements.

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