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Experience the greatness of a medieval French city and the challenges of life in the late middle ages with Troyes, the highly-acclaimed board Game of dice and strategy. As the head of an influential family, you must lead the citizenry of Troyes in building a cathedral, surviving relentless military attacks, and navigating unexpected events from harsh winters to heresies. You can purchase another player resources or work to thwart their plans, but only through your own citizens’ achievements will your family earn real, lasting fame. You can experience the greatness of this medieval French city in the board Game Troyes. Combining the unpredictability of dice with a tight economy and plentiful player interaction, Troyes challenges you to lead a Group of citizens through a tumultuous time and compels you to make tough strategic decisions in every round. Will your citizens become archers or artisans? Will you help build the cathedral, or Battle heresy? Above all, how will you survive the constant attacks, skirmishes, and battles of the hundred years war, and earn your family some fame during this tumultuous era?
•This game invites you to experience four centuries of history by participating in the development of one of the finest medieval cities ever to make its mark on Western culture.
•Use your military, religious, and civil influence to make your family the most prestigious!
•Features a unique dice mechanic and intense player interactions.
•A tight Economy and event Deck compel players to make tough strategic decisions.
•2-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 90 Minutes Playing Time

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