UniVersus DLC 6: Soul Calibur VI Pack 2 Collectible Card Game

Jasco GamesSKU: JASDLC01B

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Continuing the battle for the Soul Edge, this pack brings back 4 fighters from the Soul Calibur VI: Libra of Souls set with new abilities. New versions of Astaroth, Seong Mi-Na, Tira, and Voldo bring another way to play your favorite character with this Deck-Loadable Content!
•This set features 12 new cards for a total of 20 cards. All cards in the DLC are foil!
•Use this DLC pack to train any fighter in the UniVersus card game and take another step twoards becoming the ultimate universal fighter.
•Players will need at least one UFS or UniVersus starter deck or Turbo deck to use the cards within.
•2 Players | Ages 14+

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