Unrest Card Game | The Asymmetric Game of Rebellion and Control


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No one can remember when the Empire’s regime began. People say it will never end, that resistance is impossible... but no one has ever prepared like the Rebellion. They have planned in secret, gathered intelligence, and sowed dissent in the Districts. However, the Empire has innumerable advantages and will confront the Rebellion with its full might. The revolution begins now. In Unrest, two players are pitted head-to-head in the asymmetric struggle for control over five City Districts. Can the Rebellion complete their missions and topple the regime? Or will the Empire continue their rule?
•IMMERSIVE STRUGGLE: Immerse yourself in the heart of an asymmetric struggle as you choose to align with either the Rebellion or the Empire, each with its unique strategies and objectives.
•TACTICAL DECISION-MAKING: Engage in quick yet intense gameplay that demands strategic thinking and precise decision-making. Every move counts as you work to outmaneuver your opponent.
•DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY: Experience the dynamic interplay of actions and reactions. The Rebellion selects two adjacent City Districts, plays cards face down and face up, while the Empire strategically counters with Power Tokens.
•VARIED OBJECTIVES: Aim for victory by completing Mission Objectives. As the Rebellion, liberate three City Districts by achieving your goals. The Empire, on the other hand, seeks to deplete the Rebellion's deck to establish dominance.
•REPLAYABILITY AND CHALLENGE: Explore a world of high replayability with diverse strategies and card combinations. For those seeking an even greater challenge, the included Capitol Variant offers a more demanding experience for the Empire.

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