Vampire: The Masquerade (5E) Roleplaying Game: Blood-Stained Love Sourcebook

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Can the Kindred ever truly love? Expand your game of personal and political horror to include wide-eyed lovers and manipulative monsters. The book is for Storytellers and players alike, giving you tools, techniques and advice on how to bring romance to the undead. This book includes 6 six fleshed out storytelling characters and six detailed story concepts, all designed to maximize romance potential.
•How to play your character in stories of romance, and how to build your chronicle from the ground up so that the options for romance are maximized or minimized.
•Six fully fleshed out Storyteller characters specifically designed for romance, and six detailed story concepts created to maximize romantic potential.
•Advice and tools for safety and calibration, expanding on the corebook’s Advice for Considerate Play appendix.
•Tools for defining and maintaining everyone’s boundaries at the table.
•Sections on alternate methods for playing romance as well as merits, flaws and discipline powers related to romance.

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