VHS (Very Horror Stories) RPG: Overplague

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Aliens, beings from other worlds and parasites capable of consuming entire worlds. Will you survive labyrinthine research outposts, starships and far away planets… all the while alien creatures hunt you down? VHS: Very Horror Stories is a Horror Role Play Game inspired by ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s classics such as Hellraiser, Nightmare, Alien, Halloween and many more, coming in three stand-alone boxed sets that allow you to play in a different subgenre of Horror each.
•Welcome to Overplague, the VHS dedicated to Sci-Fi horror.
•Prepare to fight alien creatures, destroyers of worlds that wander the cosmos and extraterrestrial parasites, each who see only another nest or obstacle in your world.
•No weapon powerful enough to destroy them, no ship strong enough to withstand their attacks.
•No planet prepared enough to halt their own invasion.
•This is Overplague and nobody can hear you scream.

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