Via Nebula Board Game

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The Nebula valley has just emerged from an era of darkness and its people are seeking help to reclaim their homeland and rebuild their lives. Explore the misty meadows, unearth precious resources, and build towns and transportation atop the ruins of what the valley used to hold. Restore peace and prosperity to the towns of Nebula, and receive glory, prestige, and riches in return. Make the biggest contributions in Via Nebula and a statue will even be erected in your honor!
•EXPLORE A MYSTERIOUS LAND: Embark on an epic quest to clear the fog-shrouded Via Nebula, revealing its hidden resources and treasures.
•BUILD YOUR WORKSHOPS: Strategically construct workshops to transform raw materials into valuable goods, earning valuable rewards.
•RECLAIM LOST BUILDINGS: Rebuild the fabled landmarks scattered throughout the land, unlocking new routes and opportunities.
•COMPETE OR COOPERATE: Forge alliances or compete with other players in this engaging, tile-laying and resource management game.
•RICH IMMERSIVE ARTWORK: Delight in the captivating illustrations that bring the mystical world of Via Nebula to life.

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