Vikings: Warriors of the North

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In Vikings: Warriors of the North, players take the orle of Viking Jarls, who are fighting for control of the NOrth and the Konung's crown. THe power will be won by the first to loot all the villages and bring daughters of thanes back to his own harbor, as a symbolic right to the crown. Jarls will fight a sea monster and attack each other on the rough waves of the northern sea. Whoever proves to be the most cunning, brave in battle, and favored by the Gods will host a great feast and become the Konung of the North.
•Vikings: Warriors of the North is a card-based game. Players draw cards from a common deck. Wind cards are used for moving a drakkar around the board that depicts the cold north sea. Players can move the drakkar to a village (to sack it), to an enemy drakkar (to attack it), or to their own ports, where they can throw a feast for the Gods.
•A player can also use cards to drastically change the gameplay: He can increase his chances in an attack, reroll the dice, sail further with his drakkar, or steal cards from an enemy's hand. All of those cards represent story events that have tangible effects within the game. Some cards represent heroes who can become part of a drakkar's crew. If a hero stays on the ship, he grants his owner a permanent effect. With only three slots, players have to think hard about their crew composition.
•On a turn, a player can play any number of cards from his hand and take one action: attack, sack a village, throw a feast, etc. Attacks are resolved by a roll of a six-sided (d6) die, although many cards influence the combat result, so each battle is exciting.
•When a player take three daughters of the thanes (each of a different, opposing player color) and brings them to his own port, the game is over and that player wins. The gameplay is fast, furious and fun, full of twists and comebacks; it really lets you feel like a Viking chieftain!
•3-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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