WarLock Tiles: Accessory - Torture Chamber

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Add-ons for a more immersive gameplay experience. Contents: 2 Cage 2 Chains 1 Iron Maiden 2 Stock 2 Torture Cross 2 The Rack 1 Drowning Through 2 Hanging Cage 1 Table 1 Assistant 1 Brazen Bull 2 Fire Bowl (w clear fire element) 1 Spike Chair 1 Pendulum 2 Fire Torch Lamp on Wood Stand 1 Surgical Tray 1 The Catherine Wheel 1 Torturer
•With the WarLock Accessory: Torture Chamber set, you'll be able to create the stuff of nightmares for your players and encounters using highly detailed, pre-painted miniatures!
•As the Iron Maiden sits open, waiting for its next victim, the Torturer eagerly prepares the Rack in the torchlit room.
•Will your heroes be able to save the captives in time or will they also find themselves imprisoned in the Hanging Cages, or worse yet: the Spiked Chair? A great addition for any terrain collection!
•Ages 14+

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