Wiz-War (9th Edition) | The Classic Game of Wizard Warfare!

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Fans have loved Wiz-War for decades, and we're proud to bring it back into print with full-color boards, cards, counters, and standies. The boards are double-sided for even more variety. There's a d4 for the board and a d6 for each player. Two to six wizards battle in an ever-changing labyrinth, trying to steal treasure, destroy each other...well, why not both? Fireball! Lightning! Thornbush! Oh, no...Swap Sectors! No two games are the same, so you'll enjoy this one over and over.
•The classic game of wizard warfare returns!
•Wizards clash in a magical dungeon, zapping each other to be the last one standing!
•Designed by Tom Jolly, this new (ninth!) edition of the legendary Wiz-War features art from the esteemed Phil Foglio, as well as double-sided modular game boards, dice, standies, and more.
•Get the treasure and Fireball your friends!
•2-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 1-2 Hours Playing Time

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