Wizard Card Game (Omnibus Edition)

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The ultimate game of trump now includes 3 different levels of strategy! Classic WIZARD Card Game and its variations have been enjoyed by millions of players around the world. WIZARD OMNIBUS introduces two new variations: WIZARD MAGIC and WIZARD CAMELOT. All three games follow classic Wizard’s gameplay where the game is won by accurately bidding. Winning tricks is the easy part; the challenge is to predict the exact number of tricks you will take. WIZARD MAGIC adds one rule that maintains the simplicity of the original game yet provides a variety of exciting new strategies. WIZARD CAMELOT replaces the deuces with four new cards to challenge the skill of even the most advanced players.
•No Ordinary Deck of Cards… THREE Extraordinary Games of Strategy!
•This edition includes the classic WIZARD game, along with variations WIZARD MAGIC and WIZARD CAMELOT
•Includes 60-card deck along with 4 Wizards, 4 Jesters, Rules for 3 games & Custom Scorepad
•3-6 Players | Ages 8+

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