WizKids 4D Settings: War Machines: Ballista

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Get ready for battle with the latest in our line of 4D Settings: the Ballista! With an engineer mini prepared to be sure all shots are true, you can set the scene with this highly detailed, prepainted set and immerse your players in the action. Thanks to this 4D™ Set you'll have everything you need to keep your players on their toes and give you the tools to run a successful encounter.
•Earth shattering blows can be heard from a distance as fearsome war machines take to the battlefield!
•Bring the magnificent Trebuchet to your next session with Wizkids 4D Settings: War Machines - Ballista!
•What adventures await your campaign? Will your party move in to take out the enemy crew before they unleash a barrage of devastation on the ally encampment?
•Or will your party man the positions required to wield the ferocious power of the Ballista against the approaching army?
•Anything is possible with Wizkids 4D Settings: War Machines - Ballista!

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