Wrath of Kings: Honor and Treachery - Battle of Ravenwood 2-Player Starter Set


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Face off against a friend in fast paced and brutal combat with the Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood 2-player starter box for Wrath of Kings! Containing 15 models from 2 factions, dice, rules, cards and terrain templates, Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood has everything you and a friend need to get started playing Wrath of Kings! Ages 14+
•Sworn by honor and dedicated to duty, the swordsmen of House Nasier fight with vigor and skill, their only purpose to complete the task at hand.
•Made up of monstrous creatures, House Goritsi often ensures victory by deploying cunning strategies and treacherous tactics.
•Here in the Ravenwood sword and shield will meet with tooth and claw in a battle of honor and treachery!
•This box contains everything you need to play: Complete quick-start rules, scenario guide, 10 plastic wound tokens, 6 dice, 2 measuring sticks, and 15 highly-detailed miniatures and their Stat Cards.

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