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Tales tell of Oniria, an idyllic paradise filled with marvelous dragon-made wonders. This may have been true... in the past. Now, its fate is hanging by a thread as a dangerous power is being awakened, and your help is needed. Save Oniria! Travel to this long-forgotten world using the only portal which was ever created: the Wonder Book. Wonder Book is a cooperative, narrative-driven game. Dive deep into the adventure and discover different paths for the story: each of your choices will have consequences!
•Wonder Book is a pop-up game for 1-4 players in which each player takes the role of a teenage kid in a group of adventurous friends. This is a co-operative game in which you all win or lose as a team.
•The game is split into six consecutive scenarios ("chapters"), each composed of a specific deck of pre-sorted cards that contain the rules, the story, and the challenges you have to face.
•Starting with the first card of the chapter deck, the story unfolds until you reach a goal card. These cards show a goal that must be achieved to proceed and explain how the players' and enemies' turns take place.
•The basic mechanisms are easy to grasp, but the game keeps changing as each scenario offers different things to do. You will find yourself exploring, fighting bosses, solving riddles, playing little minigames, looking for clues...anything is possible during the story!
•1-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 90 Minutes Playing Time

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