Zombicide (2nd Edition): Zombie Soldiers Set


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In the military, soldiers train regularly with their weapon. They get to the point where using it is almost instinctual. That weapon could be the line between life and death in combat. Even after being turned into a zombie, some of that training remains, as do the weapons. Now, zombie soldiers are known for still having their weapons with them, and they’ll still occasionally fire them at the enemy, AKA – the Survivors! The Zombie Soldiers Set gives Zombicide 2nd Edition and Fort Hendrix expansion players a new, ranged threat to deal with during their games. Zombies usually have to get up-close and personal to deal damage, but these Shooter Walkers, originally seen in the Fort Hendrix expansion, still have their weapons with them and occasionally will fire off shots at the Survivors. It’s a threat at a whole new distance.
•ZOMBIES ARE BACK! Zombicide returns with its 2nd Edition, an updated, streamlined, and new-and-improved version of the game that started it all: Zombicide Season 1!
•NEW MECHANICS! The rules have been updated, maintaining everything you love about the classic zombie game while bringing in elements and upgrades from the series’ years of experience.
•ZOMBIES WITH GUNS: The Zombies Soldiers Set adds the Shooter Walkers, first seen in the Fort Hendrix expansion, into your Zombicide 2nd Edition base game. These zombies still stumble towards the players but will occasionally fire of shots!
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Zombicide is a cooperative zombie game for 1 - 6 Players. Most games of Zombicide take 60 minutes to play.

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