Zombicide Box of Zombies #10: VIP (Very Infected People) #2


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We usually see zombies as a faceless army of individuals turned into killer puppets. Some of them, though, are still individuals after a fashion. They wear a costume or uniform, were celebrities, or simply look like someone you used to know. Survivors call them VIPs, Very Infected People, and often challenge each other to see who can collect the highest VIP body count. Are you in? This box contains twenty VIP Zombie miniatures to hunt, twelve Zombie cards to get them on stage, rules to play them, and three new pimpmobile weapons for the best headhunters!
•Zombie reinforcements! This box contains additional Fatties, Runners, and Walkers to invade your Zombicide board game. Or think of it the other way around: this is just more experience and less extra-activations for Survivors. The city isn't big enough for two species!
•This box also includes the infamous "Walk of The Dead" Zombie cards.
•You can use these cards as a deck to pit your Survivors against a slow but deadly Walker tide or merge them into your regular Zombie pile to increase the number of Walkers on the board.
•Either way, you've got an inexorable zombie horde on your hands. Will you step up to the challenge or become lunch?
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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