Zombicide: Guest John Kovalic Box


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John Kovalic has had a long and storied career creating art for some of the most successful board games of all time. With his Special Guest box for Zombicide, four new Survivors were created based on his designs. Carson the Muskrat is small, fast, and clever. Oh, and somehow he’s gotten hold of a fully operational tank! Gilly is fiercely independent and self-reliant. She’s a cosplayer who’s dealt with the shuffling hoards at comic conventions. The walking dead should be no problem. Igor is armed to the teeth and welcomes the zombie plague with a surprising fervor. Matt is a natural leader. He’s most bothered by the disruption to his weekly game night this outbreak has caused. This product is an expansion: Zombicide: Season One, SeasonTwo or Season Three base game required to play.
•Silly Survivors - Drawn from the mind of one of the most creative illustrators in the business, these characters may seem silly, but they are ready for war.
•Each of John’s designs have their own miniature figure that can be added to any Zombicide scenario.
•Join Any Story - These Survivors can join any version of Zombicide and fight for life and freedom.
•Ages 14+

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