Zombicide: Prison Outbreak Tile Pack


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If you like close combat, dirty fighting and gloomy atmosphere in your Zombicide games, this set is for you. Nine more game tiles await you to build a gigantic maze filled with zombies, of course, but also with locked doors, switches, rotating security doors and security zones as well. Will it be a prison? An underground secret base? The bunker of a mad scientist? Use these tiles and tokens to make your Zombicide games epic and unique.
•EXPAND YOUR PRISON - Enhance your Zombicide: Prison Outbreak game with 9 double-sided game tiles, providing new areas to explore and fortify against the undead hordes.
•DOUBLE-SIDED TILES - With each tile offering two distinct layouts, unleash your creativity and create over 18 unique prison environments, adding depth and variety to your gameplay.
•BUILD YOUR DEFENSES - Strategically place barricades, secure cell blocks, and establish vital chokepoints to fend off waves of zombies and protect your group of survivors.
•VIVID ARTWORK & PREMIUM QUALITY - Immerse yourself in the detailed artwork and enjoy the durable construction of these high-quality double-sided game tiles, designed to withstand countless intense battles.
•ENDLESS ADVENTURES - Unlock new scenarios and expand the possibilities of your Zombicide: Prison Outbreak game, offering hours of thrilling and immersive gameplay.

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