Zombicide: The Boys Character Pack #1


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The Seven are the premier superhero team of Vought International. They are much beloved. However, behind closed doors, they aren’t quite the stars people think that they are. Arrogant and corrupt, nonetheless, they still perform superhuman feats for the good of… well… some. The Boys Character Pack #1 brings characters from The Boys to Zombicide 2nd Edition. This set includes figures and stats for Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, Starlight (Modern), A-Train, and Soldier Boy. They each have two powers at the Blue level and a special Ultimate skill. The Zombies haven’t fought anything like this before.
•SUPERPOWERED SURVIVORS: Introduce 'The Seven' to your Zombicide 2nd Edition gameplay, featuring seven superpowered Survivors from The Boys universe.
•UNIQUE ULTIMATE SKILLS: Each Supe comes with two Blue-level skills, including a distinct and powerful Ultimate skill, adding a new level of gameplay dynamics.
•ICONIC CHARACTERS: Play as Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, Starlight, A-Train, and Soldier Boy, each with their unique abilities and styles.
•COMPLETE PACK CONTENTS: The pack includes 7 detailed ID Cards, 7 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, and 1 Rules Leaflet for easy integration and understanding of the new characters.
•NEW STRATEGIES AND CHALLENGES: These new characters bring fresh tactical opportunities and challenges, elevating the excitement and variety of your Zombicide games.

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