Zombicide: Toxic City Mall Tile Pack


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The Mall used to be a great place to get good prices on clothes and hang out with friends. Now, it’s become a bit deadlier. The Toxic City Mall Tile Pack gives you four more double-sided tiles that you can use to expand your games of Zombicide. The pack comes with extra tokens to create locked doors and switches, either locking you in, or keeping out the zombie hordes. Create the biggest Mall ever, then pray you escape. This is an expansion. Zombicide Season One or Season Two is required to play.
•Here are four more game tiles to build the biggest mall in town for the Zombicide boardgame!
•Create Epic Scenarios - The Mall is getting an expansion. Create bigger games of Zombicide with these brand new tiles.
•Extra Tokens - The set of tokens gives you more options for your scenarios, with extra locked doors and switches.
•New Combinations - The double-sided tiles give you a total of eight new map boards you can use in your games to create new combinations. Change current scenarios or create your own.
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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