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Star Wars: Legion - Clone Wars Core Set

Star Wars: Legion - Clone Wars Core Set
War between the vast forces of the Separatist Alliance, with their endless ranks of battle droids, and the Galactic Republic, with their army of elite clone troopers led by Jedi Knights, is an epic struggle for control of the fate of the galaxy. Immerse yourself in this galactic conflict. Assemble your forces, lead them against your opponents, and gain glory for your chosen faction. The Core Set contains everything you need to stage your own unique Star Wars battle stage and is perfect for starting players and veterans of Star Wars: Legion alike.


- 39 Character Miniatures, Including:
- Obi-Wan Kenobi Miniature with Lightsaber (exclusive to Core Set)
- General Grievous Miniature with Lightsaber (exclusive to Core Set)
- 2 Squads of Phase I Clone Troopers
- BARC Speeder Miniature
- 2 Squads of B1 Battle Droid Miniatures
- 1 Unit of 2 Droideka Miniatures
- 8 Barricade Miniatures
- 15 Dice
- 3 Movement Tools
- 1 Range Ruler
- 8 Unit Cards
- 40 Upgrade Cards
- 14 Command Cards
- 12 Battle Cards
- 1 Round Counter
- 107 Tokens