Cthulhu Confidential: Even Death Can Die | 9 New Adventures

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EVEN DEATH CAN DIE - Equipped with your smarts, your notebook, and your code of honor, you scour city streets in search of its deepest secrets. Some secrets go deeper than others. Scholarly WW2 vet Langston Wright fights for room to breathe in wartime Washington under the shadow of Jim Crow in the adventures One for the Money, The Shadow Over Washington, and Preacher Man Blues. Sharp-dressing, straight-talking, 1930s New York investigative journalist Vivian Sinclair chases the Big Apple’s hottest scoops in The Howling Fog, Ex Astoria and Boundary Waters. Its a benefit gala aboard a gambling ship. Vivian accepts her invitation to cover the gala, keen to investigate rumors about the boat’s other international activities. But under this swell affair skitters something creepy and crawly. And hard-boiled private eye Dex Raymond prowls classic 1940s noir Los Angeles, led by his nose for trouble, in The House Up in the Hills, High Voltage Kill, and Skin and Teeth.
•EVEN DEATH CAN DIE features nine twisting, turning, adventures for Cthulhu Confidential in a world both hardboiled and cosmically horrific.
•Can you solve these cases with your hide—and mind—intact? 362-page casebound hardback book, illustrated in a moody noir style.
•Utilizes the innovative GUMSHOE One-2-One system, designed for a GM to play through with a solo player.
•Play using the included pre-generated characters or creaate your own. Requires only two people to play, making scheduling game night a breeze.

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