DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals - The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash

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Take on the role of one of the iconic rivals and engage in an epic showdown! Each player has three unique Character cards, each with more formidable abilities and a higher cost than the previous one. Recruit unique Speedsters and Rogues with the ultimate goal of defeating your foe three times. Will The Flash be fast enough to prevent Reverse-Flash from destroying the timestream? Standalone game, but compatible with other games in DC Deck-Building Game series.
•Play as The Flash or Reverse-Flash!
•Each time a Character is defeated, they gain new abilities and become more difficult to overcome!
•Introduces “Speedster” cards that give you bonuses while you have momentum
•New Weakness cards stay in front of you and make you an easier target for your rival!
•2-5 Players | Ages 15+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time

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