Katamino | Puzzle Game for Kids and Families


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Katamino is an exciting puzzler that presents itself as an evolving puzzle. Take the pieces imposed by the challenge, empty your mind and try to fill the space delimited by the ruler. Wooden logic game, children and adults alike will get caught up in the game!
•OVER 500 CHALLENGES: Play it again and again, increasing the difficulty and changing the shapes used in each puzzle!
•SOLO OR COMPETITIVE: Tweak the rules to play with another player, trying to be the first to completely fill your side of the board.
•BEAUTIFUL WOODEN PIECES: Leave the game setup on your coffee table between challenges, since the attractive and colorful pieces make a nice accent to your decor.
•CLASSIC PUZZLE: The game has had success for decades on end since its original release in the '90s, making it a true classic in the puzzle genre.
•UNIVERSAL GAMEPLAY: This brain teaser is enjoyed by kids and adults alike, since the rules are easy to understand and the puzzle is satisfying.

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