MetaZoo TCG - UFO 1st Edition Theme Deck: The Tombstone Monster

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Fire has started and ended many late night spellbook study sessions since ancient times. Command the duality of this Flame Spellbook by redirecting your spells with The Tombstone Monster. Prolong the pain of your opponent's burns with Sky Snake. This Spellbook is fireproof.
•With this spellbook, our game plan is simple: LIGHT 'EM UP!
•Each page in this Spellbook is here to help you inflict the Burn status effect and reward you for it.
•Also, if you want to make this brew your own, why not try Hell's Gate or Gaasyendietha for some WICKED combos.
•Contains 40 pages (cards) / 1 sealed holographic promo card / 1 metallic coin / 1 rulebook / 1 booster pack
•2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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