Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Monster Lairs

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Great treasures are for the taking to those willing to confront a monster in its lair, and this Pathfinder Flip-Tiles expansion presents an array of lairs suitable for a wide variety of monsters and environments! Inside, you’ll find 24 richly crafted, beautifully illustrated, double-sided 6” by 6” map tiles ready to set the scene for pulse-pounding adventure. So stop your sketching and start your flipping today!
•Suitable for experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal.
•Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles!
•24 full color 6" x 6" double-sided tiles come in convenient packaging for easy storage.
•Each double-sided square makes changing the scene as easy as flipping a tile!

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