Pathfinder RPG: Lost Omens - Monsters of Myth (Special Edition)

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Release the beasts! Heroes abound in the Age of Lost Omens, but for every great hero, there is an even greater monster. Lost Omens Monsters of Myth provides details on 20 of the most infamous and terrifying monsters from the Inner Sea region and beyond. Uncover the secrets of some of Golarion's greatest monsters from the Sandpoint Devil to Fafnheir, the Father of All Linnorms, and more. Monsters of Myth provides rumors, tales, and even treasures for the brave adventurers willing to face these legendary creatures!
•Monsters of Myth presents 20 monsters from all over Golarion.
•Each entry includes lore on the creature's place in the world, statistics to use it as an adversary, guidance for including the monster at any level of play, and rewards for heroes who face off with such a legendary adversary.
•Hardcover, Second edition
•This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

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