Star Wars 361 Count Mega Sticker Kit

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Star Wars 361 Count Mega Sticker Kit. The Clone Wars come to life with swashbuckling light sabers, deadly droid warriors, and mind-bending Jedi action in the Star Wars Clone Wars Mega Sticker Kit! The kit features 361 brightly colored, acid-free stickers depicting some of the most memorable action scenes from the Clone Wars Saga. Obi-Wan stickers will win the battle with brains and brawn! Anakin Skywalker stickers are fierce and ready for any fearsome foe! Ashoka Tano stickers will slice right through the clones? front lines! The Mega Sticker Kit includes dramatic depictions of all of the beloved Clone Wars characters, from both sides of the Force. This colorful package is great for customizing notebooks, book covers, artwork, and more! Plus, the set features cardboard character cutouts for even more clone-battling action. The Star Wars Clone Wars Mega Sticker Kit is a great gift for Star Wars fans and kids of all ages!
•361 Stickers
•Ages 3+

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