Tacopocalypse Card Game

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Across the barren and radioactive landscape of a post nuclear world a plume of dust and a silvery glint arises on the horizon. As it draws closer you can see the telltale markings, smell the sizzling grill, almost taste the savory and spicy bounty it has to offer. Hope is not lost in this desolate desert of street food, for lo, the Taco Truck Warriors have arrived providing crunchy or soft shelled relief in this desperate hour of the Tacopocalypse!
•Build high scoring Combo Plates in this fast-paced drafting game.
•Keep an eye on what tasty, ferocious, and mutated Tacopocalyptic foods your opponents are collecting because when the same cards hit the table it’s a mad scramble to grab the game changing pile of Condiment Cards.
•Will you get Nuclear Hot Sauce to enhance your plate, make your opponents fill up on Chips & Dip, or unleash the Dreaded Monstrous Chalupacabra? Someone WILL be left out. Don’t let it be you!
•3-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 20-30 Minutes Playing Time

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